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My name is Jonathan Begin.
And that's not all!

Who I Am

Jonathan Begin
Look at this handsome young man. That's me.

I'm a freelancer and tea enthusiast from Loughborough, England.

In 2009, I moved to Scarborough and studied Web Design & Development at the University of Hull, Scarborough Campus. I graduated in 2012 with 2:1 BSc, and right now I'm studying at Kingdom Faith Training College, which is a Bible college just outside of Horsham.

When I'm not busy writing, designing or fighting crime, I like to get creative in as many ways as possible. I draw, write poetry, take photographs, sculpt and make music. If you left me in a room full of cardboard, I would be contented for hours. I might ask you of your intentions at some point, however, as that is a strange thing to do.

The reason I have this website and the reason I'm writing all this is because I'm a freelancer. I design for the web & print, create & develop beautiful websites and write excellent copy, all from the comfort of my faux-leather £29.99 office chair.

If you're interested in hiring me to promote your brand through the web and print, use the navigation to check out my previous work and then drop me some words.

Thanks for reading this far. I love you.

— Jonathan "Ace Jon" Begin

My Work

Things I've gone and done

Have a look through some of my old work. Some of it is pretty good, but I reckon I can do better if you let me try. As a general rule: if you like what you see, it's because of my incredible artistic flair and technical excellence, and if you don't it's because someone else did something and it's not my fault.

Arise! Youth Conference 2012 Website, Facebook Page, Poster & Flyer Design

Arise! Conference was a one-day Christian youth conference hosted by a church youth team in Scarborough. I worked closely with the event organisers to create a brand identity for the conference, creating a website full of all the information potential attendees would want to know and using print media and social networking to promote the event.

Woow!!! Awesome.Jeffrey Asiedu, SCF Youth Team Leader
The posters and business cards [...] look pretty darn swish, thanks to Jonathan Begin.Adam Ledger, SCF Youth Team Leader
The Arise! Youth Conference Website had a strong, youthful look that didn't compromise on legibility
The Arise! Youth Conference Website had a strong, youthful look that didn't compromise on legibility. Business cards were designed with QR codes leading to the site.

Soundandmusic Website

Soundandmusic is a small business dealing in live light & sound engineering, PA hire and HD recording. I communicated with the client via email to understand the company's mission and values, and then worked on the website as an expression of those goals. Unfortunately, due to personal issues, I was unable to finish the website and another developer finished the 'Hire Catalogue' area of the website.

The Soundandmusic website matched style with professionalism.
The Soundandmusic website matched style with professionalism, resulting in a sleek aesthetic that communicated trustworthiness to Internet users, the least trusting of all people groups.

Scarborough Minecraft Blog Website, CMS Development

Scarborough Minecraft is a small community of players of Minecraft, a popular online game. I have designed and developed a simple blog Content Management System (CMS) that I have called libellu5, which is as of yet unreleased to the public. I used this CMS as a core to the Scarborough Minecraft website, allowing users to make blog posts, upload images, video and audio, share links and leave comments. The robust system allows for different levels of access per user, a full moderation control panel and many tiny features that make for an easy-to-use blogging system, built with the latest HTML5 and CSS3 tech.

The Scarborough Minecraft community enjoyed using the libellu5-powered blog.
The Scarborough Minecraft community enjoyed using the libellu5-powered blog.

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